Animal Track Rubbing Plates

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470024-272KT 15.25 USD
Animal Track Rubbing Plates
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Create Colorful Rubbings of Sixteen Different Tracks and Track Patterns

  • Includes 16 different tracks
  • Life-sized
Follow the footsteps of various animals using the rubbing plates in this kit. Your students will enjoy watching the tracks of 16 animals appear on their paper as they lay it on top of a plate and rub with a pencil, crayon, or chalk to develop the images. Each plate has a life sized, detailed footprint; a track pattern; and a corresponding animal icon. The set of 16 flexible, washable plastic plates includes tracks of the following animals: beaver, bobcat, cat, deer, dog, duck, mountain lion, opossum, otter, rabbit, raccoon, skunk, squirrel, timber wolf, turkey, and weasel. Comes with information sheet written in English and French. Size of plates: 5 3/8" x 4".