Ward's® Cheesemaking Your Whey Lab Activity

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Ward's® Cheesemaking Your Whey Lab Activity
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Stimulate Interest in Experimental Design by Making Cheese.

  • Real world and hands On!
  • Time requirement: Part A - 15 minutes, Part B - 45 minutes, Part C - varies depending on student design
Introduce your students to several scientific concepts, such as enzymes and kinetics, protein structure and solubility, and effects of pH on reactions, while they engage in the age-old process of cheesemaking. Students can then apply their own variables and repeat the process to examine the effects. The open-ended protocol allows them to use the knowledge they have gained to make cheeses from their own recipe.

Ordering information: Coupon included for perishable materials. Redeem by mail, fax, phone, or e-mail. This lab includes Beakers, Pipettes, Muslin Cloth, White Vinegar, Tryptic Soy Broth, Wood Craft Sticks, Calcium Chloride Solution, Rennet Tablets, Redemption Coupon for 1 Streptococcus lactic Kwik-Stik®, and Teacher's Guide and Student Copymasters. Fresh milk (variety of fat percentages), buttermilk with active cultures, heavy cream, incubator or hot water bath, and table salt are required but not provided.