Ward's® Fecal Slide Analysis Lab Activity

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Ward's® Fecal Slide Analysis Lab Activity
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Identify Parasites and Other Fauna

  • Collect samples from local fauna
  • Includes a teacher's guide
  • Estimated class/lab time required: 45 minutes
Your students will collect fecal matter and then examine it for macrocharacteristics and microfauna. Using basic microbiological techniques, your students will isolate, stain, observe, and identify the bacterial cultures and other parasites. They will then compile a list of bacteria and fungi that inhabit various animals and extrapolate their findings to what they would expect to find in a normal healthy adult human. The activity comes with WARD’S Internal Animal Parasites Poster, enough materials for eight setups, a teacher’s guide, and student copymaster.Time requirement is one 45 minute period.

Ordering information: Lab includes Iodine solution, Sucrose, Microscope slides, Coverslips, WARD’S Internal Animal Parasites poster, WARD’S Agricultural Parasites slide set, Toothpicks, Latex gloves; small, Pipets,Test tubes; 16 x 150 mm, Cheesecloth, Medicine cups, and Paper cones. Fresh feces (less than 24 hours old), Microscope, Water, Resealable plastic bag, Distilled water, Test tube rack, 250 mL beaker, and Scissors are materials needed but not provided.