Serial Number and Restoration Kit

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470024-206EA 340 USD
Serial Number and Restoration Kit
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Trace Evidence Learning Activities
Restore Numbers on Objects

  • Reuseable Materials
  • Use of Chemistry for Forensic Science
Often obliterated in an effort to hinder proof of ownership, serial numbers are important keys to solving crimes, thus it is necessary to restore numbers on objects. This kit provides real-world samples for students to use in learning restorative techniques. Eight samples of stainless steel and eight samples of hot rolled steel are included with numbers initially stamped on them then removed. All of the samples are reusable for repeat experimentation. The featured lesson and power point presentation uses high quality photographs, two video clips of serial number application, and two case studies to highlight the importance of this skill. Includes instructions and materials for 12 setups. Cupric Chloride, Hydrochloric Acid, Ferric Chloride, Ethyl Alcohol, and Nitric Acid are all required, but available separately.