Investigating Bird Beak Adaptations Lab Activity

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Investigating Bird Beak Adaptations Lab Activity
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How does evolutionary function influence structure?

  • Lab Demonstrates How Animals Adapt Physical Traits in Relation to Food Supply
  • Students Predict Efficiency of Different Shapes of Bird Beaks in Obtaining Food
  • Material for Eight Setups
  • Estimated Lab Time—Day One: 30 minutes, Day Two: 45 minutes
Much like Darwin’s research with finches, this activity demonstrates that birds have adapted specific physical structures in relation to their food supply. Students predict how well different “beaks” will work and use various tools to simulate the effectiveness of different shapes of bird beaks in obtaining food from four different environments.

The kit includes a teacher’s guide, a student copymaster, and enough material for eight setups. A refill kit is available and contains only consumable component items. It does not contain additional student or teacher guides.

Ordering information: This lab includes disposable pipets, aluminum pans, Vitamin C testing solution, forceps, dip nets, pliers, sunflower seeds, corks, pipe cleaners, potting soil, a stopwatch, a teacher's guide, and student copymasters. A graduated cylinder and cups or vials are needed but not provided.