Ward's® Winogradsky Column Kit

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Ward's® Winogradsky Column Kit
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Re-create Experiment Investigating Microbial Growth in Soil

In the late 1800s, Russian scientist Sergei N. Winogradsky invented a unique apparatus for observing microbial succession — the growth of microscopic organisms in soil. Now you can perform the same experiment, as well as a variety of others, with our Winogradsky Column Kit. Simply fill both tubes with soil samples and water, and observe the development of different types of organisms over an extended period of time. Compare their growth in soil vs. soil with nutrients added, aerobic vs. anaerobic environments, clean vs. polluted environments, and much more. You can also study different soil samples you collect, the sulfur cycle, or even protists. It comes with calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, two columns with stoppers, and instructions with suggested experiments.