Ward's® Investigating Plant Cells Kit

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Ward's® Investigating Plant Cells Kit
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Identify Different Types Of Cells In Vascular Plants

  • Pre And Post-Laboratory Assessments
  • Links To Real World Concepts
  • Estimated Class/Lab Time Required: Lab 1- 45-60 Minutes, Lab 2 - 20-30 Minutes
Students will prepare three microscope slides of monocot and dicot plant stems and then examine them to differentiate the xylem, phloem, and other cell structures that make up two stem specimens. They will also be able to observe the differing configurations of the two vascular tissues. It comes with two prepared reference microscope slides for comparison and identification of monocot and dicot seed structures, materials for 15 setups, a teacher’s guide, and student copy master.

Materials Included:
Monocot Stem Sections
Dicot Stem Sections
Trichrome stain
Piccolyte 2 covering media
Macerated Stem Tissue
Microscope slides
Alcohol Pads
Prepared Monocot and Dicot Root Microscope Slides
Prepared Monocot and Dicot Leaf Microscope Slides

Materials Needed But Not Supplied: Microscope

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