Plant Mitosis Microslide, Set

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Plant Mitosis Microslide, Set
These sets offer an alternate option for learning about the microscopic world without the use of a microscope.

  • Arrows Help Students Locate Important Features
  • Mounted in a Clear Plastic Holder That Protects It on Both Sides
  • Set of 15 Includes Detailed Lesson Plan on the Topic Under Study
  • Durable, Inexpensive Teaching Resource
Introduce junior and senior high school students to the world of microscopy with inexpensive, unbreakable microslides. Microslides consist of a strip of film with photomicrographs, each reproduced exactly as you would see them through a professional microscope under ideal conditions. You can supply all your students with their own Microslides.

A detailed text folder is included.

Ordering information: Set includes Early prophase (ls, st, 1,000X); Prophase (ls, st, 1,000X); Metaphase (ls, st, 1,000X); Early anaphase (ls, st, 1,000X); Anaphase (ls, st, 1,000X); Late anaphase (ls, st, 1,000X); Telophase (ls, st, 1,000X); and Late telophase (ls, st, 1,000X). Box of 15 sets also includes background subject information and reproducible student worksheets with answer keys.