Symbiosis Microslide

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Symbiosis Microslide
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Illustrates the Many Interrelationships Between Organisms

  • Arrows help students locate important features
  • Mounted in a clear plastic holder that protects it on both sides
Microslides consist of a strip of film with photomicrographs, each reproduced exactly as you would see them through a professional microscope under ideal conditions. You can supply all your students with their own Microslides. A detailed text folder is included. Viewers are available separately.

Ordering information: Set includes Trypanosomes in rat blood (st, sm, 1,500X), Soybean root nodules (st, cs, 100X), Nematode on tomato root (wm, 200X), Green paramecium (wm, 200X), Rust on willow leaf (st, cs, 200X), Lichen (st, cs, 200X), Fungus on fish (wm, 5X), and Virus on bacteria in man (em, 45,000X).