Fieldmaster Stream Sampling Kit

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470021-252EA 432.5 USD
Fieldmaster Stream Sampling Kit
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Economical and Easy to Use

Obtaining samples from flowing water for further study with the contents of this collecting kit. Several students can gather samples simultaneously with the included equipment designed to not require extensive training. Six nets and six sample jars are included. The D-frame net is lightweight and practical, with a 30" handle for easy handling. The wide-mouthed polypropylene sample jars hold up to 500mL and are square in shape so they won’t tip or spill. The provided turbidity tube is student-sized at 60cm in length and functions like a miniature secchi disk to measure water clarity. An armored glass thermometer (-40°F to 120°F) is also supplied for for taking accurate, relevant temperatures of air and water. Six 500 mL plastic wash bottles are also provided for rinsing down equipment in the field. Includes comprehensive teacher instructions.