Tex Ultra-Light Magnetic Applicator

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470020-204EA 23.83 USD
Tex Ultra-Light Magnetic Applicator
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Forensics Supplies
Designed by Retired Houston Police Officer

  • Disposable
  • Tidy Application
Prevent contamination from surface to surface, from your brush to your kit, and from your brush to your jar of powder with this disposable magnetic brush and five disposable covers. Designed for use at hazardous crime scenes and to avoid cross contamination, the brushes allow you to continue working after a brush becomes contaminated, by simply putting on a new cover. Especially useful when dusting at a scene containing biohazards or other contaminants, these brushes can be disposed of after use. The soft plastic tip and powerful magnet allow the brush to float over surfaces on a cushion of powder with minimal touching of the tip to the surface. And, because the magnet stays engaged during use, you can use it in any position — even upside down.

Available to U.S. customers only.