Ward's® Embedded Ballistics Sets

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Ward's® Embedded Ballistics Sets
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Real Ballistic Material Embedded In Clear Resin For Safe, Upclose Investigation

  • Reusable
  • Actual ballistic materials
Gain experience in identifying the characteristics of fired bullets and shell casings without any safety concerns. Each ballistic set is a series of four real .45 caliber bullets or shell casings embedded in a hard resin. Because each bullet is encapsulated in plastic there is no need to worry about handling these items in the classroom; they are rendered inert and unusable. The bullets and shell casings in each set were fired from three separate guns. In the bullet set, students will observe the lands and grooves of the bullets, and on the shell casings set, they will examine the indentation of the firing pin on the primer and tool marks left from the weapon. From their observations they will ultimately determine that two of the bullets (or shell casings) will match, indicating they were fired from the same gun. Includes an attractive wood stand for display. Size of each embedment: approximately 1"W x 1 1/2"H.

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