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470020-126EA 252.49 USD
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Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Forensics Supplies
Document Crime Scene Areas Without Disturbing Evidence

  • Lightweight construction
  • All components are made of a non-corrosive metal and disassemble for easy storage
  • Sofy carrying case included to protect device.
The three-axis motion of this versatile measuring device gives you the flexibility to map out any area, regardless if it’s on the ground, against a wall or incline, or even on the ceiling. Adjustable tripod legs let you maneuver it close into an area, and the base has a built-in bullseye level for ensuring the device is plumb. Sliding telescoping tracks let you adjust the three straight rules to the required length or conditions. The maximum height of the vertical rule is 102", and the longest of the two side rules is 40". All straight rules are graduated in 1/4" increments. Integrated into the device is a caliper with 11 3/4" deep reversible jaws for inside/outside measurements and left/right hand configuration, and a 360° protractor with 1° graduations. It comes with two sets of paired clips, two telescoping extensions for positioning small objects, and a torpedo level for mounting on the slide rule tracks.