Oakton® Waterproof pHTestr3+

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Oakton® Waterproof pHTestr3+
Electrochemical Meters pH and Multi-Parameter Meters
The double junction electrode is ideal for dirty water, heavy metals, sulfides, tris buffers, and organics. The tester also features a pH and temperature readout toggle, automatic temperature compensation, and a replaceable sensor. In addition, the increased reference gel volume offers a significantly longer electrode life, so the sensor does not need to be replaced as often as in other sensors. The housing is both waterproof and dustproof to protect the instruments from rugged environments. pH range: 0.00–14.99 with an accuracy of ±0.01; resolution: 0.01. Temperature range: 0–50°C with an accuracy of ±1°C; resolution: 0.1°C. Size: 6"L x 1 1/2" dia.

pH Range: 0.00 - 14.99pH. Resolution: 0.01pH. Accuracy: ±0.01pH.
Temperature Range: 0 - 50°C. Resolution: 0.1°C. Accuracy: ±1°C.