Swift M3 Micro/Macro Microscope

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M3-B M3-M M3-F
470018-296EA 595 USD
470018-296 470018-294 470018-298
Swift M3 Micro/Macro Microscope
Microscopes Stereo Microscopes
Combine three microscopes into one.

  • Magnification range: 10x to 400x
  • Adjustable stage positioning
  • 3 year, limited warranty
View specimens in both microscopic and macroscopic views through the M3 monocular with magnification ranging from 10x to 400x. Adjustable stage positioning and a wide range of objectives allow you to quickly transition from compound to macros. Because the unit is cordless, this microscope is ideal for taking along on off-site experiments; it's durable metal construction and unique tripod base allow you to remain sturdy, even on rugged outdoor surfaces. An energy-efficient, rechargeable LED light clearly illuminates even the smallest detail. Includes 3 year, limited warranty.