Motic Trace Forensic Comparison Software

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Motic Trace Forensic Comparison Software
Software Forensics Educational Software
An Affordable and Easy Way to Integrate Comparison Microscopy in Your Lessons

Motic trace Forensic Comparison Software
• Easily match two fingerprints from live images or saved sets
• Quickly validate the authenticity of handwriting
• Accurately determine whether two pieces of fabric are from the same garment

Achieve much more than traditional side by side comparison with this revolutionary software. The unique features of Motic Trace allow you to simultaneously display and control the individual quality parameters of 2-4 live images, overlay two or more live or saved images, and resize and rotate each all at the click of a mouse. Using one or more Moticam Digital Cameras, either separately or attached to your existing microscopes, or Boreal Digital Microscopes, you can compare a live image with a saved image or observe immediate results for live comparison of trace evidence and other materials. Motic Trace works together with the Motic Images Plus 2.0 Software (included with all Moticam and Boreal Digital Microscopes) to provide a comprehensive platform for analyzing and evaluating comparison images that enables you to set up reports with accurate measurement and editing tools. Motic Trace is compatible with all Moticam Cameras and Boreal Digital Microscopes.

System Requirements;
Windows: 98SE, ME, 2000, or XP; 512MB RAM or higher; 64MB display memory
Macintosh: OSX; 512MB RAM or higher; 64MB display memory

Moticam Forensics Digital Comparison Package
Unleash the full potential of digital technology with this comparison package. Includes Motic Trace Software and two Moticam 353 Digital Gooseneck Presentation Cameras, which can be used freely or attached to your existing microscopes with the included eyepiece adapters.