Direct Vent Impact Safety Goggles

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ET-39A AF ET-39A
470104-426EA 12.5 USD
470104-426 470017-392
Direct Vent Impact Safety Goggles
Inexpensive, Lightweight Eye Protection.

  • Clear plastic lens
  • Adjustable headband
  • Direct vent
These inexpensive, lightweight, flexible mask goggles offer unmatched comfort and protection from flying particles. They can be worn over personal glasses. A broad bearing surface around the edge of the mask molds snugly to the wearer's face. Perforations in the mask provide superior ventilation and help prevent fogging. An antifog coating is also available. The goggles have a fully adjustable headband and clear plastic lenses, both of which are replaceable. The goggles meet ANSI Z87 requirements.

Caution: Warning: Check with a supervisor or employer before using these goggles to determine whether they are suitable effort the job and area. These goggles do NOT provide any protection against infrared or ultraviolet radiation. DO NOT USE FOR ARC WELDING, GAS WELDING, OR SPLASH PROTECTION. Impact-resistant lenses are NOT unbreakable. Pitted or scratched lenses reduce vision clarity, SEVERLY REDUCE PROTECTION, and should be replaced immediately to prevent injury. Give this caution to any user of these goggles. These goggles do NOT provide extraordinarily protection against impact from flying objects. These goggles DO conform to ANSI Z98.1 requirements for Chipper's and Dust Model goggles. These goggles are NOT suitable for protection against gamma rays, high energy particulate radiation laser, or masers. All users should inspect these goggles frequently and immediately replace worn, pitted, scratched, or damaged parts.