K’NEX Education Amusement Park Experience

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K’NEX Education Amusement Park Experience
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
Motorized Motion Helps Illustrate Physics Concepts

Take a field trip to the amusement park within the walls of your classroom and help illustrate how energy, acceleration, and speed work in popular thrill rides. Students can assemble and operate 13 ride models, including a motorized roller coaster, swing ride, boom ride, ferris wheel, scrambler ride, and carousel with the supplies in this kit.

All models are compatible with datalogging sensors from Vernier, Pasco, and Texas Instruments, so you can use the K’NEX models in recorded experiments, integrating technology into your classroom.

Materials are provided for six to eight student groups with two motors. Includes 2,264 K’NEX pieces and a teacher’s guide.