Ward's® Landfills and the Environment Lab Activity

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Ward's® Landfills and the Environment Lab Activity
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Students Work with Miniature Landfills in Hands-On Investigation

  • Create outdoor landfills
  • Sample and observe microorganisms
  • includes a teacher's guide and activity manual
Determine which solid waste materials are biodegradable, identify types of bacteria present in different kinds of soil, and test the microbial degrading process by observing the landfills you create with the materials included in this lab activity. These investigations provide data that students can use to define the biodegradability of materials, as well as determine the real function of a landfill. You will get enough materials for three landfills, a list of additional outdoor activities, a teacher’s guide, and student copymasters. Time requirements include Investigation #1 (8 weeks), Investigation #2 (4-6 weeks), Investigation #3 (5 days), and Investigation #4 (2-3 weeks).

Ordering information: Lab includes Simulated landfills, Cups with lids, Plastic (bag) liners, Small self-sealing bags, Starch agar, Nutrient agar, Petri dishes, Microscope slides, Crystal violet stain, Gloves, Magnifying glasses, Sand, Topsoil, Biodegradable plastic, Sheet of plastic, Spool of natural fiber, and Spool of synthetic fiber. Scissors, Spray bottle, Bunsen burner, and Hot plate are needed but not provided.