Ward's® Improved Bacterial Transformation Using GFP Lab Activity

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Ward's® Improved Bacterial Transformation Using GFP Lab Activity
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Simplified techniques introduce molecular biology.

  • Developed with Brookhaven National Labs
  • Simplified technique improves student success
  • Genetically engineer glowing bacteria
  • Time Required: 90 minutes over 2 days
From Griffith’s famous transformation experiment in 1928 to the aquarium Glofish® of today, gene transfer technology has made astounding advancements. Expose your class to applications of gene transfer in the treatment of diabetes and in engineering plants for potential future biofuels through this exciting lab. Using a jellyfish gene that codes for a green fluorescent protein (GFP), students transform a harmless laboratory strain of E. coli. The bacteria cultured will then express the GFP jellyfish trait. The uncomplicated process implemented here ensures success and helps students understand how gene transfer is applied across medicine and biology.

Brookhaven National Laboratories has partnered with Ward's Natural Science to bring the most current advancements in biotechnology and environmental science research into your classroom. The Nobel Prize winning science of Brookhaven National Laboratories and 150+ years of Ward's expertise in education create a powerful combination of innovation and technology. Each lab activity developed at Brookhaven National Laboratories allows your students to participate in the investigation of new scientific discoveries. Using professional techniques and cutting-edge technology, each lab will provide your students with valuable training in biotechnology or environmental science.

Accessories information: Refill kit contains only the consumable component items, and does not contain additional copy masters.

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Kit contains the following materials for 10 students: micropipets, Bacti-spreaders, swabs, microfuge tubes, calcium chloride, loops, biohazard bag, and a coupon to redeem Escherichia coli, plasmid, Luria plates, and Luria with ampicillin plates.