Ward's® Simulated Blood Smearing Lab Activity

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Ward's® Simulated Blood Smearing Lab Activity
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
This activity provides a safe method to introduce one of the most important examinations used in the hematology lab.

  • Students Prepare the Blood Smear with the Glass-Slide and Cover-Glass Methods
  • Kit Uses Safe, Simulated Blood
  • Teacher's Guide Included
From learning the procedure to observing simulated red and white blood cells and platelets under a microscope, students use Ward's Simulated Blood to perform every step of a blood smear. They prepare the blood smear with both the glass-slide and cover-glass methods.

For ease in identification, the cellular components have been stained.

Ordering information: The activity includes a teacher’s guide, a student copy master, and enough material for six setups. A refill kit is available and contains only consumable component items. It does not contain additional student or teacher guides.