Wards® Exploring the Red Planet: Mars Lab Activity

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Wards® Exploring the Red Planet: Mars Lab Activity
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Includes Simulated Martian Soil, as Used in NASA Studies.

  • Simulate Growing Plants on Mars
  • Includes Materials for 10 Groups
Students use soil from Earth with properties highly similar to Martian soil, developed and tested by NASA, to investigate the discoveries and theories about Mars that were generated by the Viking, Observer, and Pathfinder missions. The soil can be compared with Martian soil data to discern their similarities and differences, how and from what materials it was formed, and whether the soil is able to support plant life.

Ordering information: The activity contains enough materials for ten soil tests and one demonstration planting. Contents include Martian regolith simulated soil, Topsoil, Planting pots, Rapid Radish seeds, Soil test kit, Fertilizers, Ten bar magnets, as well as a 43/4" diameter Mars globe, Mars topographic map, and study guide.