Ward's® Introduction to Chromatography Lab Activity

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Ward's® Introduction to Chromatography Lab Activity
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Two investigations teach the principles of chromatography.

  • Activity Takes Only 30 Minutes to Complete
  • Chlorophyll Extract Included
  • Material for 10 Setups and Five Demonstrations
  • No Petroleum Ether/Acetone Solvent
Students separate a dye mixture with polar and non-polar solvents instead of petroleum ether or acetone solvent. They also use a non-polar solvent to separate out the various pigments found in leaves and learn the function of each pigment during photosynthesis.

The kit comes with a chlorophyll extract, so you don't have to waste time preparing one. It also includes materials for 10 setups, a teacher’s guide, and a student copymaster. The demonstration size has enough materials for five demonstrations.

Ordering information: This kit includes plant-pigment extract (chlorophyll solution), a chromatography dye mixture, chromatography developer II (isopropyl alcohol), chromatography developer III (isopropyl/water), chromatography developer IV (methanol/water), capillary sample loading tubes, chromatography paper strips, and chromatography reaction chambers. Chromatography developer I (water) is needed but not included.