Ward's® Chemistry Periodic Table Puzzle

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Ward's® Chemistry Periodic Table Puzzle
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Periodic Table Learning Activities
Explore Properties of Elements While Building Your Own Periodic Table

  • Available in Two Sizes
  • Contains pertinent elemental properties
A beautiful set of hardwood cubes with information about the 118 elements on each face of each cube, this Periodic Puzzle is an engaging teaching tool as well as a visually interesting classroom or lab display. Use atomic number, atomic mass, electron configuration, electronegativity, ionization energy, or atomic radius to organize the elements and build a periodic table. Organize the elements by a property trend and then look for the exceptions - what can we learn from the exceptions? Choose from the demonstration model or the Classroom Set, which contains four sets of the first five rows of the representative elements (Groups 1-8), so four groups of students can study the properties and organize these 34 elements into a perfect periodic table. Unlike the Demonstration Model, the Classroom Set does not include those troublesome transition metals.