Vegetable Seeds

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A331 287VP 337/338 WARD470030-278 A368 364*15G 392/395 267*30G 8818 364*1 0Z. 395 417
470150-892EA 3.35 USD
470150-892 470012-706 470030-240 470030-284 470030-278 470092-802 470093-660 470111-164 470105-166 470007-184 470105-168 470030-280
Vegetable Seeds
Specimens Live Specimens Plants - Living Material
It's easy to grow plants

Show students how easy it is to start a garden at home. Many of these seeds can be successfully grown in small planters or window boxes as well. Easily incorporated into units on health or nutrition, these can even be used to feed some of your classroom pets.

Accessories information: Where a count of seeds is indicted, the quantity is an estimate based on weight and may vary slightly.