GPI Anatomicals® Skin Health Models

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GPI Anatomicals® Skin Health Models
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Examine Three Common Skin Conditions And Pathologies

The human body’s largest organ is shown in vivid detail through three models demonstrating the appearance of normal, healthy skin and skin afflicted with disorders, damage, or disease. All models allow you to analyze both the interior and exterior anatomy and characteristics of the skin. The Acne Model represents an enlarged cross-section of the skin with raised structures, detailing an acne pustule or pimple, a blackhead, and a whitehead. Also shown for basis of comparison are the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue details of normal skin, including hair follicles. The Burn Model displays first, second, and third degree burns, revealing the increasing severity of damage to the skin’s layers. This two-sided model uses the reverse side to illustrate normal skin anatomy. Three cancerous conditions and three non-cancerous conditions are shown in detail on the Skin Cancer Model. A nodular basal cell, malignant melanoma, morpheic basal cell, dyplastic nevi, keratoacanthoma, and actinic keratosis are presented with both basal layer and dermal layer cross-section detail.