Ward's® Live African Clawed Frogs and Food (Xenopus laevis)

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Ward's® Live African Clawed Frogs and Food (Xenopus laevis)
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These African clawed frogs are entirely aquatic and thrive in an ordinary freshwater aquarium. They are often used in developmental studies and genetic experiments.

  • Tadpoles available at all developmental stages
  • Specimens available year-round
  • Embryo and Tadpoles set lets you see all major developmental stages at once
Xenopus laevis frogs are available in any stage of life from embryo to adult. Tadpoles are available in different life stages (early and late). The Egg and Tadpole Set includes 30 fertilized embryos, and 8 tadpoles ranging in developmental age from limbless to just before undergoing metamorphosis. Adult Xenopus are generally 3 to 3 1/2" in size and are sold individually or as a pair.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that Fertilized Embryos will be at any particular embryological stage upon arrival.

Ordering information: These products contain living or perishable materials. Please specify a delivery date during checkout. Specimens will ship via overnight delivery. Additional charges will apply.

CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: Please note that due to Canadian import restrictions, frogs can no longer be packed with sphagnum moss.