Shampoo Evaluation Lab Activity

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Shampoo Evaluation Lab Activity
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Students use science to test their favorite shampoos.

  • Students Research the Effects of Everyday Products
  • Tests for Relative Viscosity, pH, Oil Emulsification, and More
  • Real-World Application
Different shampoos are manufactured from a variety of ingredients to perform a variety of tasks. In this investigation, students not only learn about the role of several shampoo ingredients but also test several properties of different shampoos, which are included in the kit.

Students determine the relative viscosity, pH, flash-foam formation and retention, oil emulsification, and contaminant-dispersion abilities of different shampoos.

Ordering information: This kit includes shampoo #1, shampoo #2, shampoo #3, black ink, vegetable oil, universal indicator strips, graduated plastic pipettes, copper balls, disposable medicine cups, polystyrene test tubes, and a plastic centrifuge tube.