Crime Scene 4: Terror from Paradise Kit

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Crime Scene 4: Terror from Paradise Kit
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Crime Scene Evidence Learning Activities
Employ Forensics to Stop a Terrorist Plot

  • Students Apply Science Principles and Relate the Conclusion to a Criminal Investigation
  • Case-Based Scenario
Your students can become agents in charge of preventing a terror attack in this real life simulation as they perform tests that have become customary in the fight against terrorist plots. The simulation begins as they watch video clips on a Windows CD-ROM of an interview with a terrorist leader at his secret base in the mountains of Franistan and a simulated TV news report about heightened security at the local airport. They will then use “sniffers” to test for the presence of C4, toxic poisons, and a deadly bacterium called Thetacoccus. Finally, they will learn about voice print testing and fingerprint analysis as they work to identify the terrorist cell trying to import weapons of mass destruction into the U.S. The activity includes enough materials for 36 students and instructions.