Somso® Sexless Teaching Torso

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Somso® Sexless Teaching Torso
Models Human Biology Models
Illustrate Complex Concepts In Anatomy, Physiology And Health

  • Natural Size Of A Young Man
  • Separates Into 12 Parts
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Attention to detail makes this life-size educational model a popular and practical addition to any classroom. With 100 coded structures, hand-finished organs, and a dissectible heart featuring atria and ventricles with valves, this torso makes it easy for you to illustrate complex concepts in anatomy, physiology and health. The dissected head reveals the brain, skull and lower jaw, while the open neck allows for study of the thyroid gland. The 11 removable parts include: the eye with optic nerve, lungs (two parts), heart (two parts), stomach, liver, kidney, small and large intestines, appendix and bladder. In addition, the thoracic and abdominal walls are cut away, revealing the underlying viscera, and the inguinal (lower abdominal) region is sectioned to show the lymphatic ganglion.