Sea Floor Simulator

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Sea Floor Simulator
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This versatile model is perfect for hands-on investigations in hydrography.

  • Model Illustrates Major Sea Floor Topographic Features
  • Deep Sea Properties Demonstrated in Aquariums
  • Concepts Include Continental Drift and Sea Floor Spreading
  • Durable, Waterproof Plastic
  • Teacher’s Guide Included
This versatile model illustrates major sea floor topographic features and plate tectonic concepts including continental drift and sea floor spreading. When submersed in an aquarium, it simulates rift vent and volcanic eruptions using air bubbles.

It also simulates deep sea properties such as turbidity, salinity, convection, and upwelling currents using colored dye in salt or cold water. The sea floor model is made of durable, waterproof plastic.

Ordering information: This model includes air bubble lines with connectors, suction cups, profile decals, vocabulary decals, and a teacher’s guide with three lessons and student worksheets. It requires a ten gallon tank and aquarium pump, available separately.




Item # Description Volume Height Length Width Unit Availability Price Quantity
470005-120 10 Gallon Glass Aquarium
- 30 cm 50 cm 25 cm Each Retrieving
470102-116 Marina 50
15 gal. - - - Each Retrieving