Reading River Sediments: A Simulated Mineral Exploration Activity

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Reading River Sediments: A Simulated Mineral Exploration Activity
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This kit provides a series of “hands-on” activities that allow students to use key Earth Science concepts by conducting a mineral exploration that simulates real-life economic, societal, and issue oriented problems.

  • Use key earth science concepts to conduct a mineral exploration
  • Introduce and use topographic maps
  • Learn about erosion and river dynamics
  • Activities simulate real-life economic, societal and issue oriented problems
Since it is often impractical to take an entire class out to the field to obtain samples, simulated sample river sediments are provided in the kit along with detailed topographic maps of a river system in a mountainous region.

Students are introduced to rock types, erosion, and river dynamics and come to understand that as water works along the earth’s surface and through the ground it picks up small amounts of minerals found in the rocks and sediments.

Each sample site can be tested a minimum of 50 individual times.