Bioponics Kit

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Bioponics Kit
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Bioponics Kit is an ingenious bioponics and water cycling system.

  • Kit Eliminates Tank Filter and Chemical Fertilizer Cost
  • Students Can Sell the Herbs They Grow
  • Teacher-Designed
  • Instructions Included
In this unique design, water from a viable fish tank is pumped into a plant tray filled with herb-seeded plant plugs and lava rocks. The water then trickles through the tray to drainage pipes that empty into the tank.

In the cycle, the fish waste is absorbed and used as fertilizer by the plants, which cleans the water that is returned to the fish tank. This process eliminates the cost of a tank filter and chemical fertilizers.

Ordering information: This kit includes a fluorescent grow light with chains and bulb, submersible pump, 2 plant trays, 15 plant plugs, lava rocks, 3-way valve, 3 seed packets, s-hooks, tubing, fish food, and complete instructions. An aquarium (at least 20 gallon) with gravel, live fish, (goldfish, killifish, and others) and supports (e.g., 2 ring stands) for the light are required but not included. Water quality test kits are also recommended.