LaMotte® Portable Water Analysis Laboratory

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R-1991-01 1991-02
470004-280EA 3550 USD
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LaMotte® Portable Water Analysis Laboratory
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Comprehensive Outfit Includes Digital Colorimeter

Using an electronic digital colorimeter is more reliable and quicker than standard eye comparisons to color charts.

Tests and battery-operated equipment for 20 factors are all included in a rugged case. Colorimetric tests are ammonia, bromine, chlorine, chromium, copper, fluoride, iodine, iron, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate (low), silica, sulfate, sulfide, and turbidity.

Direct reading titrator tests are included for alkalinity, carbon dioxide, chloride/salinity, dissolved oxygen, and hardness. Sufficient materials for 50 tests per factor are included.

Note: Contains sodium arsenite and barium compounds