Ward's® Inheritance Patterns In Nasonia Lab Activity

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Ward's® Inheritance Patterns In Nasonia Lab Activity
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Investigate a unique reproductive system.

Designed for students with a more advanced knowledge of genetics, this sophisticated activity asks students to begin by determining if a gene is dominant, recessive, or sex-linked. Then they will design an experiment to test their hypothesis, including setting up a control experiment.

Once students are ready to collect their data, they will discover some perplexing facts that do not fit their hypothesis, and a Chi-square analysis should reject the sex-linked hypothesis. Eventually, students will come to realize that they are not dealing with a familiar genetic reproductive system. Instead, they are investigating a haplo-diploid system in which the males are haploid and the females are diploid.

This system will always mimic a sex-linked system since the males have only half the number of chromosomes as the females.

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