Ward's® Introductory Electrophoresis Hardware Systems

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Ward's® Introductory Electrophoresis Hardware Systems
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Battery-powered electrophoresis.

  • Battery-powered gel boxes don't require a pricey power supply
  • Designed for the first-time user
  • Gel boxes run on low-voltage
Designed for the first-time user, the complete system comes with all the hardware you need to run electrophoresis tests. It safely runs on low-voltage batteries, which provide enough power to run up to ten gels.

Gel run time: about 120 minutes on five batteries, 60 minutes on ten batteries.

Ordering information: Each set includes an electrophoresis chamber with high-conductivity platinum electrodes that won’t corrode, gel casting tray, six-well comb, patch cords, and instructions. Purchase an individual set, or as a lab pack of five.