Wilson Cycle Poster

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Wilson Cycle Poster
Exhibit Evolution of Rock Formations and Its Effect

Through clear and colorful illustrations and text, this exclusive poster details the cyclical opening and closing of ocean basins known as the Wilson cycle. The value of the Wilson Cycle model is that it reflects not only how rocks form, but also how they evolve and impact the growth and development of all the continents, as occurred when the ProtoAtlantic Ocean closed, forming the supercontinent Pangaea. This full color poster, developed by James Madison University professors Eric Pyle and Lynn Fichter, illustrates one complete Wilson cycle. The accompanying booklet provides an explanation of each of nine stages in the cycle; including a description of the forces acting on a particular location; the types of rocks that result from these forces; and specific locations, both past and present, where this stage has occurred. Size: 24" x 36".