Ring Thrower

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Ring Thrower
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
In this dramatic demonstration, a solid aluminum ring shoots up to 12 feet in the air.

  • Energetic Classroom Demonstration of Induced Currents
  • Simple, Safe Apparatus for Dramatic Experiments
  • Operation and Experiment Manual Included
  • Two Demonstrates Possible with Ring Thrower
The ring, placed over a coil of wire that's wound on an iron core, is propelled into the air by eddy current repulsion when the coil is energized with an alternating current. However, when the solid aluminum ring is replaced by a slit-aluminum or acrylic ring, there is no effect. This updated version of the apparatus eliminates uncertainties and hazards sometimes associated with the experiment. An automatic one-shot timing feature prevents the coil from overheating and ends repetitive shots. In addition, all current carrying components are insulated to prevent accidental contact.

The device also illustrates induced current when a small coil of insulated wire connected to a lamp is placed over the mail coil; with the press of a button, the lamp lights briefly. For either demonstration, it's ready to use immediately after it's plugged into a wall socket. This ring thrower includes an operation and experiment manual.