Formaldehyde-Free Fetal Pigs

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470000-442PK 299.99 USD
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Formaldehyde-Free Fetal Pigs
Specimens Preserved Specimens Preserved Animal Materials
Formaldehyde-free preserved fetal pigs.

  • Mammalian anatomy
  • High quality preservation
To better serve the needs of all teaching environments and preferences, WARD’S offers this line as an alternative to our existing line of high-quality, safe preserved specimens. Absolutely no formaldehyde whatsoever is used in the fixing and preserving process for these specimens. Instead, our new solution used for preparation binds with the tissue as non-toxic, cross-linked proteins, making the solution truly 100% formaldehyde-free. WARD'S offers the largest selection of specimens prepared with this alternative process, including the widest range of sizes and injection styles. In addition, the specimens can be used comfortably over extended periods of time.

Delivery information: Available in vacuum packs or pails.

Caution: Ward's preserved fetal pigs are a byproduct of the pork industry. Fetal pigs are not raised specifically for dissection. These animals are "recycled" for educational use.




Item # Size Height Length Width Description Grade Chemical/physical specifications Unit Availability Price Quantity
470156-776 - - - - Pig Visual Dissection Guide, Each
- - Each Retrieving
470156-788 - - - - Pig Visual Dissection Guide, Pack of 10
- - Each Retrieving
470233-546 19 L - - - WARDSafe™
Hazardous Product
Laboratory Handi-Pak Each (19l) Retrieving Restricted
470016-918 Standard 4 cm 29 cm 19 cm Pan and Pad
- - Each Retrieving
470220-350 - - - - Bookstore Dissection Kit
- - Each Retrieving