VWR® Histology Cassettes

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VWR® Histology Cassettes
Embedding Cassettes Tissue Processing Cassettes
Economical histology cassettes for routine tissue and biopsy processing and embedding.

  • Flow-thru slots in tissue cassettes
  • Biopsy cassettes feature small pore openings
  • Convenient writing surfaces for identification
  • Stainless steel metal lids
Cassette design features a 10% increased chamber length for maximization of specimen range

Metal lids are made of stainless steel with gold plating. Lids are slotted to maximize fluid exchange and drainage.

Tissue cassette design features flow-thru slots. Biopsy cassettes have 0.67mm pore openings to securely contain smaller specimens, eliminating the need for inserts. Three sides of cassette feature a textured writing surface for sample identification and tracking. Standard 45° print surface is compatible with all automatic printing devices. Attached covers use frangible hinge. Resistant to solvents and decalcifying solutions. Compatible with microwave techniques.

Ordering information: For additional information on printer-ready histology cassette tubes, see 95029-926 series.