Boreal Zoom Stereomicroscope

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Portland, Maine
Yes, I recommend
Bomber Scope! Great Optics! Washed out - We used the digital version of this scope for YEARS with 10,000 kids per year. They NEVER needed maintenance. This is a well built scope with great optics. The only drawbacks are (1) poor lighting - It could use some dimmable, well-positioned LEDs, and (2) buggy Motic Images software. For casual/classroom use, restarting Motic drivers shouldn't be a problem. For a kiosk environment, these drivers
470144-234CS 1037.05 USD
Boreal Zoom Stereomicroscope
Continuous Zoom Magnification and Stable Design

  • Inclined binocular head
  • 1X and 3X objectives for 10X–30X magnification
  • Paired widefield 10X eyepieces
  • Boreal Lifetime Warranty
Whether your field of interest is biology, botany or geology, this powerful zoom stereomicroscope will help you explore and discover. Illumination is provided by a 12V, 10W halogen (incident) bulb and a 5W fluorescent bulb, which work separately or together providing you with three lighting options. The ergonomically designed base is wide at the back for extra stability while narrow upfront to give you the room you need to easily manipulate specimens. Unit comes with black and white inserts for 3" dia. stage plate. Focus range: 48mm.