One Day in the Tropical Rainforest

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One Day in the Tropical Rainforest
Educational Materials Language Arts Educational Materials Comprehension Learning Activities
Appropriate for Grades 2-4
Written by Jean Craighead George
A Vivid, Accurate Introduction to Rain Forest Ecology

Jean Craighead George combines lyrical storytelling and expert nature writing to create a vivid, accurate introduction to rain forest ecology and the moving story of one boy's struggle to preserve it.
One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest is a story about young Tepui who lives in the rain forest. He treasures his tropical homeland and all of its wildlife, from the giant Coco de Mono tree to the tribe of playful monkeys to the colorful treetop birds. But today is doomsday for Tepui's beloved rain forest. Eleven bulldozers and four trucks will soon arrive to level the forest.
Children will enjoy and look forward to reading all ten chapters in this book to find out what happens. One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest won the "Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children" in 1990 as well as the "Notable Children's Trade Book in Social Studies" in 1990 to make this a great cross-curricular book.
Soft-cover, 66 pages.