Intelligent Plant Light

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470018-438EA 21.85 USD
Intelligent Plant Light
Lights Fluorescent Lamps
Internal Computer Regulates Daylight Cycle Automatically

Grow plants in areas with little or no light. The Intelligent Plant Light is a table-top, telescoping fluorescent lamp that allows anyone to successfully grow a plant in areas with little or no light. All you do is set the season once, and the internal computer begins the daylight cycle turning the lamp on and off automatically, simulating nature’s clock of summer, fall, winter, spring for optimum plant growth. The computer also monitors soil moisture content and indicates when water is needed. Versatile features include a 9W full spectrum lamp to duplicate the sun’s rays, an adjustable stem to accomodate plants of varying heights at different stages of growth from 4" to 12", and a pebbled base to catch water.