Flint Glass Burners

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Gatineau Alymer
Yes, I recommend
Endless flame for years - This is a good product and the flame changes lengths sometimes just like a candle does but all alcohol (or most) do this. some times the wick causes the flame to be 10 inches high. Then I must use a rod clamp to get the right height. The heat of the flame instead of a hotplate is supper efficient!
W250 W-125 BO-250 BO-100
470104-064PK 8.25 USD
470104-064 470005-348 470005-346 470104-062
Flint Glass Burners
Heaters Gas Burners
Heavy Flint Glass.

  • Heavy flint glass construction
  • Extinguishing cap included
  • Replacement wick available separately
These tip-resistant burners are made of heavy flint glass. The cap is used to extinguish the flame and prevent evaporation. Each burner includes one wick.