Confuciousornis sanctus (Late Cretaceous)

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Education / Biology Teacher / Lancaster, PA
No, I didn't recommend
Very disappointing. The photo shows a reproduction that looks somewhat realistic. In reality, the one color reddish paint applied to the actual item does not look at all like the picture.
Reply associate Published 04/15/2016
Thank you for your feedback. We apologize that this replica did not meet your expectations. As with all of our items, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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New Haven, CT
No, I didn't recommend
Not as pictured - The paint job on the cast I received is not nearly as detailed as the one pictured. If you want detail in the feathers and skeletal elements, you should look elsewhere.
Reply associate Published 04/07/2016
thank you
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Confuciousornis sanctus (Late Cretaceous)
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This remarkable resin cast features one of the most complete examples of a near contemporary of Archaeopteryx. Recently found in Liaoning Province in China, this fossil bird displays the earliest evidence of truly beaked birds with clear body contour feathers.

As seen in this example, there is also evidence for sexual dimorphism in the species with males exhibiting long caudal feathers. Superbly detailed and hand-painted.