Supreme Air® LV Fume Hoods, Kewaunee®

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Supreme Air®
97006-002EA 13369.42 USD
Supreme Air® LV Fume Hoods, Kewaunee®
Fume Hoods and Enclosures Chemical Fume Hoods
A unique addition to the Supreme Air® line of fume hoods, the high-performance LV series combines a safe, energy efficient design with a wide array of user-friendly features

Energy efficiency is highlighted throughout the LV series through the introduction of several unique features. A self-closing sash closes to 45.7cm (18"), allowing for less exhaust volume and maximum user protection. The dynamic barrier bypass provides constant clean airflow between the experiment and user, while interstitial, vertical slot baffles create a turbulence free airflow with minimal upper vortex roll. A spoiler-shaped sash handle directs air away from the user.

The LV series also offers a flush stainless steel sill airfoil that provides obstruction-free access to the hood, a 90.2cm (351/2") high safety glass sash for optimal viewing into the hood, a 71.1cm (28") sash opening with hold-open latch for easy loading and unloading of the hood, and a stainless steel cable reinforced, notched nylon belt and aluminum sprocket sash counterweight system for level, smooth, and quiet sash operation. Removable rear baffles and triangular shaped access panels with staggered service outlets allow for easy set-up, cleaning, and hood maintenance. All units are supplied with Kewaunee's Modified Epoxy Resin (KMER) lining.

Worktops feature a dished edge to retain spillage and may include cutouts for cupsinks, sinks, water or steam baths, hot plate fixtures, vent pipes, or other features. The rear outlet, anti-splash cupsink accessory mounts at the front of the hood work surface without interfering with cabinet storage underneath the unit.

Fume hoods comply with ANSI/AIHA Z9.5-2003.

The low constant volume design incorporates reduced air volume technologies with more efficient airflow containment to ensure safe, barrier-free use.

Ordering information: Hoods are prewired with two 120V, 20A GFI receptacles, a single-tube T-5 fluorescent light fixture with 20A light switch, and fan switch. Accessory work tops and cupsink must be ordered separately.





Item # Description Hood width Unit Availability Price Quantity
97005-992 Black Work Top, Epoxy Resin
4' Each Retrieving
97005-996 Black Work Top, Epoxy Resin
6' Each Retrieving