Celestron Kids 50 mm Newtonian Telescope

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Celestron Kids 50 mm Newtonian Telescope
The 50 mm Newtonian reflector teaching telescope is great for astronomical viewing, and also includes a removable panel to show the telescope's inner workings.

  • Kids will learn about how light travels through a Newtonian telescope and the life of the telescop's designer, Sir Isaac Newton
  • Easy assemble tripod included for stable viewing and easy transport
  • FREE Starry Night software to teach your little one about the Universe
The Celestron Kids Newtonian telescope is a great beginners’ scope, with a unique STEM learning element—the side panel detaches so young scientists can explore the telescope’s inner workings. It’s great for the classroom and young amateur astronomers alike.

When kids can understand how a telescope works, exploring the sky becomes that much more enjoyable. Simply remove the side panel and you’ll be able to show off the telescope's mirrors and demonstrate how they capture light to produce an image in the eyepiece.

When night falls, enjoy an evening of stargazing with this fully functional telescope. Explore the Moon, stars, planets. This Newtonian Reflector telescope comes with an easy to assemble tripod, which you can place on a table. You can also thread the optical tube directly onto a photographic tripod or monopod.

With your purchase, you’ll receive a free download of printable educational material about Sir Isaac Newton, the scientist who invented the Newtonian telescope, and an explanation of how light travels through the optical path. PLUS, enjoy a free Starry Night Special edition software download to teach your little one about the Universe (details on download code insert card included with your telescope).

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Caution: Always ensure the side panel is attached to the telescope while observing to prevent unwanted light from interfering with the image. Always use with adult supervision