Distance Learning: Gas Laws

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Distance Learning: Gas Laws
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What is the Ideal Gas Law?

  • Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Contains Instruction Manual
  • Materials for only two groups of students or a single student
Gases are for the most part invisible, and therefore cannot be observed as readily as a solid or a liquid. Because of this, they are often examined and analyzed through measurable physical characteristics such as volume, pressure, temperature, and moles (number of particles). These properties have simple, consistent mathematical relationships that led to the development of the gas laws (Boyle’s, Charles’s, and Gay-Lussac’s), and eventually the ideal gas law.

By using these relationships you can determine the value of an unknown property based on the other three, or predict the effect that varying one component will have on the others. In this activity, students will use the Innovating Science apparatuses and your temperature and pressure sensors to measure and plot the physical characteristics of a gas.

Ordering information: Required Materials: Neulog temperature and pressure sensors or other temperature and pressure sensors