Distance Learning: DNA Extraction

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Distance Learning: DNA Extraction
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Understanding genetic inheritance.

  • Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Contains instruction manual
  • Materials to perform demonstration two times
In this lab students will learn the history of the discovery of DNA and DNA structure. They will understand the nature of genetic inheritance and the role of DNA and proteins in genetic expression while using biological detergents, enzymes, and ethanol to isolate DNA from plant material. Plant material not included in this kit and will need to be supplied. LS1.A; LS3.A; LS3.B; HS-LS1-1; HS-LS3-1; HS-LS3-2; HS-LS3-3; structure and function; cause and effect; scale, proportion and quantity; science is a human endeavor.