Backyard Brains® Brain-Machine Interface Classroom Bundle

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470323-214KT 1200 USD
Backyard Brains® Brain-Machine Interface Classroom Bundle
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology Learning Activities
Sized for a full class!.

  • Materials for 30 students
  • Easily refillable or expandable with the DIY neuroprosthetic kit
Brain-machine interfaces are devices that, you guessed it, help your brain interface directly with machines in the world around you! by recording from the electrical activity of your nervous system, you can transform those neural signals into instructions for programs and robotics.

This classroom bundle has the hardware to supports up 30X students each building their own individual DIY neuroprosthetic cyborg hands. It also supports 4X lab stations for other brain-machine interface labs, like the muscle music labs. Students can also create their own projects and inventions.

This bundle is designed to give you everything you need to get started to bring BMI experiments like the DIY neuroprosthetic and muscle music labs to your students. After the DIY neuroprosthetic experience, students will keep their personally crafted cyborg hands, but the classroom, of course, will keep the more expensive muscle spiker shields, claw kit, and cables. This way, for the next class you want to share the experience with, you only need to order the refill packs and not the whole classroom kit.

Ordering information: For refills please see the DIY neuroprosthetic kit.